Amor a dos – A dance trilogy (part 2)

Amor A Dos II WITH Yann Lheureux– 2009

My encounter with the choreographer Yann Lheureux : the desire to share the stage of life with another artist. During the residence and the creation of his work ‘Manifestement’ where I was invited as dancer, I’ve found in him the possibility of creating a dance, a word, a singing way, a ‘human music’ and to give life to this last opus. ” A dance is a word of the body, the mark of love is the caress, the caress is the unknown point”. Marina Cedro

I have worked on textes from the Song of Songs , Cantique des Cantiques, Heroides of Ovid and his own poems accompanied by tango, some classical songs and his musical compositions. A peculiar form. It’s not a contemporary work, nor a concert, nor a setting but un invitation done to the public to dare a moment of dreamy poetry.

First performance : january 28, 2012 at the Espace Giraudeau in La Rochelle, France.

Interview Tv Atlantique 2009

Interview of Marina Cedro by France 3 Atlantique after the first performance of Amor A Dos II

Trailer OF ‘Amor A Dos II’ WITH Yann Lheureux

Amor a dos II WITH Toufik Oudrhiri Idrissi – 2012

I have invited Toufik Oudrhiri Idrissi to join me in ‘Amor a dos  II’ with the intention of fusionning 2 continents, two completely different ways of expressing the love dance, of finding a chemistry, sould of compassion, the fraternal complicity between a man and a woman.

Press : La Rochelle: Le tango des continents


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