Amor a dos – A dance trilogy (part 3)


For this third and last chapter of the Trilogy I have worked with another female dancer about the cycle of life and death through the story of Aphrodite, goddes of love and beauty, and Adonis, a mortal man. This chapter is the enounter with the matrix : the Mother.

A dynamic personal progression  lies in the three ‘tempos’ of the Trilogy. In the beginning, I’m nothing but the interpreter of someone else’s works about tango, the french song, jazz, classical music and of the poems of Ana Becciu.

Later then, I sing and recite lyrics that I compsed on the music of Astor Piazzolla, Homero Expósito, Julio Cortázar, Serge Gainsbourg, Barbara…

Finally, the Trilogy ends on original music and lyrics inspired by the first two chapters.



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