I was born in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires has a cosmopolitan urban spirit.

Buenos Aires has a unique character, strange, mysterious, sometimes superstitious.

Buenos Aires has the voice of tango.

‘El tango’ is a music that you sing, that you dance, who has a word.

My music from Buenos Aires for you, my tangos. Marina Cedro


When I was a little girl, I had the feeling of being invested with a big responsibility, as if I had been sent to mission on earth.

I wanted to be an “artist”, even before knowing the sense of this word; it was a feeling of commitment in life, the idea that everyone has the duty to express his truth, and so have I. My goal was to build a more beautiful life.


The General San Martin Theater at Buenos Aires was my second home. It was there that, when I was a little girl, I discovered contemporary dance, concerts, exhibitions of paintings and sculpture, the revolution, choreographies by Mauricio Wainrot and Ana Maria Stekelman.

Works by Renata Schussheim: director, artist, plastics artist, painter and sculptor. Exciting encounters : I heard Roberto Goyeneche “El Polaco”, a living legend of the Argentine scene, when I was eight years old, performing at Caño 14, the Mecca of Tango. This concert marked me forever.


Inspiration comes whenever it wants, but I can invite it when necessary, it’s always there, as if my antennas where deployed 24/24H, and got what takes place around me and far away, in other lives. Music is a whole. It exists above circumstances but uses circumstances be come alive. You have to be at its service.

Many things can come from silence as well, from this phase when you are almost sleep, from empty an empty head, which is a shape of meditation we reach without aiming at it.


Suburbio” was born during a weekend at Easter. I felt sad, alone in my bed, it was raining, I had to write something happy and cheerful, connected to my dreams, to my imagination.

Then, I wrote a single line:

”District 72, people’s daughter, orange tree on flower’s street, I come back like the wind. It was the seven lives, night, day’s eve and reveries, they crossed the corners of the streets, full moon and mystery. Made up by the sun, they crashed, blind, mad by conviction, they sold all the verses?”

I went to the piano and the music came as a soft breeze.

Preambulo del amor“, I made it in residence with a dancer in a psychiatry place. We spent a month working among and with the crazy people. All this atmospheres, join with the photos shoots for the poster of the play, the dancer and me, nude in the snow, after a big tempest :

“Your body as hours submerge by madness, as your body between hours in the room, from your body in the streets on your steps between hours, without touching me in  the rooms of your hours of madness from your naked body….”

Tango lento“, a passionate dream, an impossible story, the desire to love each other and not being able to stay together beyond the present.

Slow Tango, inside your dancing body. Slow Tango, so fragile to be so. Buenos Aires is afraid. Slow Tango your voice drives me mad. Tonight, let us release our love, slow Tango”

Postango“, At first I composed the melody, then the words. A hymn for life.

”Let us go opening the silence, caressing all our dreams, as if it was the voice, of its own silence. Let us go opening the language, by creating a story, with all the bodies, as if it was the image, of its own argument.”.

Definiciones en La Menor“, the deep desire to draw up my own personality, to express my own thoughts, despite all, to be loved. There again, music first, then the words.

“To light up my heart, you need three papers, an eternal oversight, a town, a song, you can choose! To come inside my song, to sow my heart, to build a city, that defines you.”


Being an artist, it’s giving your entire life to creation, to serve creation, and to serve your public. I have a real relationship with my public. We are together, we live together, without moving apart, we grow together, we evolve together. The sensation to be on stage is unique, it gives an animal, ecstatic strength, I feel eternity, I feel past, present and future at the same time.

There is only one moment, hic and nunc, here and now. To be an artist is a sacred act.

Author, scriptwriter and french publisher. Chief  editor and founder of  Denoël.