Born in Buenos Aires in 1972.

Singer, composer, dancer, poet.

Marina speaks spanish, french, english, portuguese and italian.
When she’s 8, she makes her first public performance playing classical tangos at the legendary Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires.

She studies at the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires and she has her first theatrical training with Pompeyo Audibert and Agustin Alezzo. She learns singing, dancing, art history and poetry at the General San Martin theater. Her first creation is Intimate Words, Argentine, in 1997.

In 2001, she completes her training at the London College of Arts.



  • Marina Cedro starts the artistic duo Poetango with jazz guitarist Ricardo Urrutia. The two tours Europe and Latin America with fusioning jazz, poetry and tango
  • Recording of Tango Dos en Uno, first music album


  • Recording of Tango y Poesia, music album
  • Creation of El Ciclo de las Palabras (‘The cycle of words’), open poetry reading space in Spain, Portugal and France
  • Creation of the performance Palabras intimas (‘Private words’), Spain

2004 -2007

  • Recording of Milonga de intimidad (‘Milonga of intimacy’), music album
  • Foundation of  the TangOpera Company in Leipzig, Germany. Performances: Metamorphosis, Buenos Aires Hora Cero, Tango Pour Claude
  • Recording of Itinerario, music album
  • Marina participates to the Festival Printemps du Poètes à la Rochelle, France, performing Au-delà de toute zone interdite (‘Beyond any forbidden areas’) and Ambivalencia, plays from argentinian poet Alejandra Pizarnik, directed by Michel Grateau


  • Foundation of La Maga Company in La Rochelle, France in order to produce and develop her original creations;
  • Recording of Marina Cedro TANGO, music album
  • Creation of the performance Amor a Dos (‘Love for two’), first chapter of the tango trilogy under the same name. First chapter in solo featuring Françoise Bachelard at the production. Théâtre de l’Utopie, La Rochelle.



  • Marina participates to the International Poetry Festival Voix Vives (‘Bright voices’) in Sète, France, and to the International Poetry Festival of Algarve, in Portugal


  • Third chapter of  Amor A Dos Tango Trilogy featuring choreographer and dancer Toufik Oudrhiri Idrissi. Espace Bernard Giraudeau, La Rochelle.
  • She plays El Canto Vivo, from Federico Garcia Lorca’s work at the Théâtre de Pont in Bordeaux, France
  • She participates to the Classic au Port Festival in La Rochelle, France


  • Publishing of the poetry collectio Amo Ora, Sigis Mundus, Italie
  • Tour in China, Shanghai Marina Cedro Tango.
  • She works with the Yann Lheureux’s Company in the play ‘Manifestement’ at the Dance Festival of Montpellier. She records and interprets a musical composition of Philippe Cohen Solal for the movie “Tu veux ou tu veux pas” of Tonie Marshall
  • Release of her new album : CRONICAS
  • New project Tango 1972, a tango show-concert, is presented for the first time at the KurosakiHibishing Hall Theater in Japan


  • She founds TANGO 33®, a company for the diffusion of tango,  with Gérard Lo Monaco


Her unique and very personal tango-inspired universe is the result of her many travels, cultural encounters and exploration of artistic domains . Her work and artistic research has been strongly influenced by her encounters with musicians, dancers and poets from around the world, who also inspired her view on music, dance and poetry :  Gustavo Beytelmann, Juan Carlos Caceres, Nestor Marconi, Philippe Cohen Solal, Julyen Hamilton, Susana Zimmermann, Concha Garcia, Anna Becciu, Casimiro De Brito.

In 2011 she meets Gérard Lo Monaco, designer, illustrator, pop-up books creator and art director for albums Mañana. He’s now responsible with Marina’s graphic design and visual communication. She writes the musical theme of his pop-up book Sonia Delaunay, Paris Musée et du Livre de jouets de papiers, Hélium.

In 2013 at the initiative of Claude Hudelot, contemporary China historian, Marina tours in Shanghai, where she presents her new works in a trio at the Shangai Croissement Festival. Marina represent Argentina, her country.

Jiro Nemoto, the director fo the Kurosakihibishin Hall Theater in Japan, asks Marina to create a musical play inspired by the tango universe.

Tango 1972 is born and is presented on the 8th and 9th of November 2014 in Japan.

She currently works on the developement of Tango 1972 in solo.


Tango Dos en Uno (2002). Tango Poesía (2003). Milonga de intimidad (2004). Itinerario (2007), Marina Cedro TANGO (2009). Crónicas (2014)



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Antologia poetica de poetas argentinos, Edition Cuatro Vientos, Argentine (2001)

Palabras desde la distancia, Edition Femmes du Monde de Bilbao, Espagne (2003)

Amor Agora, Edition 4 Aguas, Portugal (2009)

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