Charente Libre, section Grand Angoulême “The tango has chosen me” by the journalist Julie Koch, August 2017, France

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 Buenos Aires 72- EP  “I must confess that it was her voice that opened the way for me. The voice of Marina, often bluffing, always moving, in studio as on stage, tells us about all this: childhood memories, teenage emotions, whole love of a whole woman, traveler and adventurer who leaves her native Buenos Aires for London indie rock then. La Rochelle iodée and finally Paris tango vivifié … where we met.”  Philippe Cohen Solal, Gotan Project 2017

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inrockstango ACCORDING TO Marina Cedro

Sadness and passion, hopes and regrets, exile of wandering souls and bodies, bodies with no return. It’s in the intimacy of a piano, of a violin, of a bandonéon that Marina Cedro, singer, musician and composer, but also poet and dancer, dresses her melancolies of emaciated tangos, strips away all embellishments until only the bare flesh has remained, a living emotion, that can almost hurt you. An ambitious album, Cronicas grabs you by the throat and leaves you intoxicated, wanting more…

Les Inrocks, April 30 2014, Paris, France


A rare case, Marina Cedro is at the same time a singer and a tango dancer. But her songs are unlikely to be dances by the couples on the floor. The sumptuous arrangements of Gustavo Beytelmann, are poems adorned with violin, bandonéon and argentinian pain. Author-Composer of most of the 12 records, Marina Cedro gets inspiration from the years of exile she has spent between Spain and France and her emphatic and rich-of-drama lyrics remind us of the great Susana Rinaldi, of which she represents a worthy successor.

François-Xavier Gomez for Libération, Avril 12, 2014, Paris, France


Songwriter, pianist and singer, a minimalism that doesn’t prevent intensity, she distils the tango porteño spirit with a deep dull voice, between singing, playing and whispering to better release the poetry of the lyrics : a very contemporary universe of which the album Cronicas gives us a glimpse.

Télérama, 4 au 10 avril 2014, Paris, France


No way, tango is an eternal return. At the beginning of the 20th century, France offered to Argentina its first ‘pas de deux‘, with Carlos Gardel, who was born in Toulouse. Since then, it’s a blissfull back-and-forth ping pong game that bounces from a decade to the other. And Marina Cedro is a peculiar ship bow, un overpowering character who knows how to share emotions with her piano and songs, plus some tango evergreen that she revitalises in her own way, minimalist and high-tension.
Actually, Marina Cedro is more than that, a feline dancer and a magnetic word-juggler : those of a lunar and a harbor poetry. That’s normal when you come from Argentina, you often drop the anchor (that’s what she did at La Rochelle, after living in Spain). Plus, she drops the ink, words are the sound of her steps. And the water sprays goes well with Marina, a woman perfectly named. Untameable mermaid with a split skirt dominating proudly her piano, ‘the’ Cedro looks at the waves and stirs the courious ears. She started when she was very young. At the age of 8, she already showers with tangos the mythical Café Tortoni of Buenos Aires, point of reference of the argentinian intellectual life. Music conservatory first and theater classes then, in London, at the renown College of Art. Europe adopts her, she puts up shows in Europe, she builds up companies or performances with striking names : Poetango, El ciclo de las palabras (The cycle of words), La Maga (The witch), TangOpera, Tango Trilogie, and later, two sections of Amor a Dos (Love for two). She moves from singing to dancing, from poetry to music with an insolence ease, intentionnaly modern. Marina Cedro cultivates the art of minimalism in the infinite spaces of wilderness. Occasionally, she partner with other artists on stage or paper (Amo Agora, a poetry collection co-wrote with the portuguese writer Casimiro de Brito).
Music-side, a first album voice/piano, Marina Cedro Itinerario, in 2007, another one, with a bandonéon as well, Marina Cedro Tango in 2010. Then a few encounters rich of intensity with Juan Carlos Caceres, Art Mengo, the amazing pianist Gustavo Beytelmann (Gotan Project) and other south american artistic partners. Until the end of the keys, this tango tunes up with femininity, for a trip that looks like a poetical Odyssey.
Finally, I’ll be presumtuous in twisting the words of the great tango poet Homero Manzi (1941) : Marina sings tango like no one else. In each verse, she puts her heart. The wild grass of the faubourg flavours her voice, Malena is in pain because of the bandonéon. If she met miss Cedro, who knows ? Mr. Manzi would have changed the name of his muse…

Rémy Kolpa Kopoul, 2012


« El tango es una musica del presente »  (“Tango is a music of the present time”) The cartography of feelings. Singer, poet, musician, dancer, the argentinian Marina Cedro is a woman-orchestra constantly striving for emotion. And it’s through the Post Tango, in her album « Cronicas », that she engages us for a intense journey with her deep voice timbre.

Rencontre… (2014)

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In order to celebrate the release of the new studio album, Marina Cedro will be on stage at the Studio de l’Ermitage at the beginning of april. Marked with poetry and modernity, the nuevo tango of this argentinian composer, author and singer catches you from the very first time you listen to it. With its arrangements of aerial strings, its delicate piano’s keys and its deep carnal singing, Cronicas deploys the thread of a musical universe instimist and captivating. In between of  tango nuevo and a movies’ soundtrack (the spirt of  François de Roubaix, Michel Legrand or Philippe Sarde is always present), Marina Cedro injects an admirable depth and tension at every moment. A very good artist to discover.


the evening news

On april 27, Marina Cedro, singer, composer, dancer and poet, will present at the Center of Eastern Art of Shanghai her tango works as well as some works from Piazzolla among other argentinian artists. She will be accompanied by the violin of Andrea Pujado and the bandoneon of Eduardo Garcia. The trio will offer a tango music at the same time poetical and modern. The versatility of Marina Cedro, who’s at the same time singer, composer and poet, embodies the spirit of tango. As a multiple-skilled artist, she combines music, poetry and dancing. She knows perfectly how to translate her ideas and her feelings with her voice and her piano; even with her silence. This concert allows the audience to listen to the Post Tango of Marina Cedro, a poem she wrote : “(…) Especially for this concert, I had the Postango poem translated into chinese. i’ve been often asked what I wanted to convey with my tangos. I think it would be freedom, the absolute freedom of the spirit. Life is short and there’s a lot of pressure in it, all the feelings and the commitments aren’t accompanied by a triumphal music. Maybe to enjoy the present is the best balance we can reach.”         25 Avril 2013, Shanghai