Poetry and dance workshop (FR)

It’s the marriage of language and gestures. It’s the marriage of poetry – the glorification of beauty through lyrics – and dancing -the enhanced expression of the human through the body-. There is, in the poetic perception, another dimension, and, in the experience of a dance, a principle of life creation. Jean-Luc Fromental, Writer

A technique to learn SELF-EXPRESSION through words and mouvement.

Poedanza self improvement Workshop Paris

©Margaux Rodrigues

The idea of working with art and personal development is the result of my personal experience with BIODANZA. Created by a chilian anthropologist named Rolando Toro in the 60s, Biodanza is a “teaching method of the art of living. Marina Cedro

Deeply  influenced and inspired by the Biodanza, Marina Cedro has developped a unique approach : the POEDANZA.

The premise of the Poedanza is the awakening of the creative potential that exist in every human being through poetry, dance, language and musique.   These elements are keys tools to express deep emotions and feelings. To create is to express his/her entire being, physical, mental and spiritual.

The Poedanza expression workshop consists in practicing a series of simple excercises aimed at stimulating the genethical potential of human being in order to reinforce his/her health, ethical awareness and lust for life, leaving everyone free to find his/her own direction according to the personal experience.