Poedanza is a method to raise personal self-awareness through body mouvements that combines poetry and dance.

It has three sources of inspiration :  the Biodanza, as a relation dance, that helps us to find a way to our true self and to bond with other people; tango, to find the mouvement directly connected to the heart;  poetry as a universal language, a word that truly speaks. Poetry is actually more than just words. The term « poetry » comes from the ancient greek poiesis, that means « creation ». We are all our own creation, beings gifted with words, music and the ability to dance. Words come to us through the body, that allied with music becomes dance. Dance is mouvement and life.

Joining together poetry and dance, Poedanza joins the vibration of the body, of the heart and of the soul.



self development workshop poedanza

©Margaux Rodrigues

The Poedanza workshop is suited for all publics.

Children aged at least of 6 years, teenagers, women, men, seniors… Practically everybody no matter the age, the knowledge of poetry or dancing, who’s willing to develop his/her creative potential in life.

Poedanza is meant for dancers as for people who doesn’t dance. It doesn’t require any particular physical aptitude. Participants are guided in their movements in the most natural way possible. Everyone experiment what he/she can do, in their way, in a relaxed environnement.

For the writing part, participants don’t need to master poetical language or to be skilled writers. In return, they need to be curious and willing to combine verbal expression and body expression : words come from dancing, not from the mind.
Poedanza groups are mixed, people can come with their partners. Relationship is the key of the process. Every participant is invited to be at his/her best, but always in relation with the others. In an inclusive dynamic, everyone is asked to welcome and discover the others as they are.


Everything is imagined to give the chance to everyone to raise self-awareness and to free their creativity, the workshop becomes a lab, aiming to self-developement in the everyday life. Thanks to the magic of music, participants can explore their inner side, feeling safe, without fear of being judged. Poedanza help them to develop a watchful eye on themselves, an essential step to achieve a watchful eye on the others.

Recovering our creative potential, we become creators and players in our own lives and in our relations : we keep on discovering more about us, to re-invent us, to re-create us, always new, and we learn a new language that comes straight from our hearts and allow us to bond for real with the others.

Music and dance are there to create the bonds, to help going towards the others, open the doors to the unknown. Poedanza gives the keys to develop your creative potential on a daily basis. In Poedanza there are no general believes. Poedanza reinforce identity : everyone is unique!


poedanza expression workshop benefits

2014©Margaux Rodrigues

Poedanza put together in harmony the mind, the body and the spirit. It helps to reduce anxiety, stress and nervous tension. Plus, it transforms the situations at their origin.

It starts a creative connection with ourselves and our fundamental needs : to express our emotions and our feelings, self-esteem, the ability to create quality connections with the others. It favours situations and experiences that create a tender and respectous link with our inner child, because is the part of ourself that contains our freshness and our creativity.

Poedanza is a tool that improves interpersonal communication: couple, family, work. It’s meant for everyone, everyone can benefit of it. Children can make their creativity blossom, teenagers can evacuate overpowering emotions, adults can get out of their straitjackets and masks, seniors can profit of their exprience and wisdom. Beginners learn how to put into relation their body and the upper part of theirs emotions. Professional dancers get insights in their art. Everyone take pleasure in evaluating their ego and then to let go and mingle with other people, to feel at the same time unique and united in a single dance, in a precious feeling of revelation and love.