The innovative feature of POEDANZA is that I accompany the dance by playing the piano live. I improvise capturing the vibrations of the room. I get inspiration from the voices’ pitch and from the bodies mouvement. It’s a moment where we create together, where the different languages of the participants cross each other, mix with each other to make one. This moment we share engenders a truly collective piece of work that makes the essential moment, the zenith, the completion of the workshop. Marina Cedro

Poedanza is based on simple principles. It’s a series of exercises accompanied by a suitable music, aiming to develop individual’s own potential, coordinate the body, the mind and the spirit to be assertive with a new identity.

Creativity workshop

A Poedanza Workshop at Espace Keller, Paris

The workshop lasts two hours following an ascending/descending path. The session begins with a verbal phase, where everyone can express his/her own feelings, what they are and in which physical and mental state they are.

Marina encourages this speaking session. She is the mediator, paying close attention to each individual and the group, she puts the contacts, she touches the keys opening the inner spaces : those of the participants as for her own one.

Then there is the ascending phase. The start up of the physical energy, of the body strenght. The initial round dance is the first dance exercise, focused on establishing the harmony within the group. A ancient ritual, mythical, tribal, that allows to create and feel the Matrix that the workshop unfold within and to give the group its consistency and trust.

Another energizing activity follows, a walk or a rhythmic dance :  samba, jazz or rock. On a suitable music, dancing is practised in couples, to reveal and to connect to the others. Dancing in couple is an encounter, a relation, a form of creation. Practising leads to elation.

poedanza expression workshop

2014©Margaux Rodrigues

At the peak of this curbe Marina induces  a few slower exercises to relax, to move toward an inner feeling. She uses fluid techniques, melodic dances, soft music and more specific exercises, like the blind dance, keeping the contact with a single finger, to work on sensitivity and open the soul’s eyes.

The workshop gets to the inner level where the regression phase starts.

Marina encourages every participant to feel their own life, to rediscover their childhood, keys points of their lives, in order to picture theirselves under a different point of view. For this exercise, she uses the touch. Intimacy leads to silence. At this point she ask the participants to speak out again. She asks everybody to walk, dance and leave the words to take over…


It also possible to practice Poedanza in the form of a private class.

For this particular session of Poedanza, Marina takes the role of a coach in order for the participant to be able to deal with a personal matter or subject of interest.

Private classes are available by reservation only.