Poetical strolling by Marina Cedro. Video by Sallah Laddi©2008

Poetry is the place where everything is possible.

Poetry is my language since I was a child.

Words have their own life. Naturally, they have their own music. They have body and flesh.

When I write I forget everything, feelings do the talking.

Music, gestures, dance and words cannot be separated.

The sensation of writing gives me access to other dimensions. I feel the past, the present and the future. Those are eternal moments.

The pleasure of writing on a white piece of paper. Feeling the pencil marking the paper and my blood passing through life plunge me into a state of ecstasy.

The verb becomes flesh, the flesh becomes verb. The word arises from the body, the poetry is in harmony with the human being and with nature.    Marina Cedro


2003 : Creation of “El ciclo de las palabras”, a space for public poetry reading. Tournée in Spain, France and Portugal.

Marina participates at the 8th “Rencontre Internationale de Femmes Poètes” in Spain.

Creation of the show “Palabras Intimas”.

2004 : “La Llorona”, radio program about poetry for the spanish channel ‘Vitoria EITB’.

2005 : “Ambivalencia”. Marina reads over poems from Alejandra Pizarnik, argentinian poet, under the direction of Michel Grateau, France.

2005-11 : Marina participates to the “Festival Printemps des Poètes” in La Rochelle, France

2007 : “Au-delà de toute zone interdite”, read over of the work of Alejandra Pizarnik, argentinian poet, under the direction of Michel Grateau, France.

2010 : Marina takes part at the “Festival International de Poésie Voix Vives” in Sète, France, and at the “Festival International Poésie” à Algarve, in Portugal.

2011 : Marina reads over “El Canto Vivo”, from Federico García Lorca at the “Théâtre de Pont” in Bordeaux, France.

Poetry magazines publications:

Texturas, La Botica, Luke, Nombra, Salamandrina, Inútil

                                                                                                                                                     Published poetry cAMO ORA Marina Cedro Poetryollections :

Antología Poética, Éditorial Cuatro Vientos VII Certamen de Poesía, Buenos Aires,

Palabras desde la distancia, Edition Asociación de Mujeres del Mundo Bilbao,

Amo Agora (‘Amo Ora‘ in the italian edition) with portuguese poet Casimiro De Brito, Editorial 4 Aguas, Lisbonne

Unpublished poetry collections :Amo Agora Marina Cedro and Casimiro de Brito Poetry

Forastera, Sal Marina, Todas las que soy, 63 días antes de nacer Trilogía, Mujer Urbana, Mujer de Creta