«I’ve been touched by her simplicity, modesty and the profundity of this workshop with Marina, the setting she put up from the beginning and the enriching interactions and the unique expression of everyone : so beautiful! I’ve created for the first time in my life a poetry and I could express it in front of the kind, encouraging and respectous look of the audience, accompanied by the piano of Marina who improvised for everyone a personal melody : to be on stage alone, to be the artist of your own life.  Me, who I don’t feel artistic at all, I have discovered something new, unespected. And this, thanks to the progression of the excercises, of the scarcity of words, the silence, the depth, that I really appreciated. I felt nourished, fullfilled in the inside. As a result of this workshop I have decided the following day to leave on a trip to the tunisian desert  (march 2009), where I could associate long walking in the morning and  séjour alliant randonnée le matin and the voice excercise (the ‘Chant de l’âme’, or ‘Soul singing’) in the afternoon.»



Atelier Poedanza, Charleroi, Bruxelles, 2008