In 2012 and 2013, Marina has come to our school to share with us two POEDANZA workshop, in Spanish (a language we study in our class). Here’s some of the impressions and the emotions we felt after each workshop.

«I felt joy when we danced, and sadness when it was over.»


«I really liked the dancing, especially the group dance and with the others.»


«I felt joy and tenderness.»


«I felt joy, happiness and enjoyed dancing, but, in the beginning, I felt astonishement.»


«I was uncomfortable when we had to touch each other’s hands in a groupe of 5-6 people, cause I’m not used to that. But in the end I felt like I was free.»


«I was free as a bird in the sky. It was good this work with Marina cause she made us forgive all our problems. I adored the musics cause they had a sustained pace. Long story short, it was AMAZING!»


«The dancing was so good! I felt freedom, joy, but most of all anger. Basically, it was very good!»


«I felt joy, freedom, zen, wilderness and… tiredness. I loved running in the circle, two at a time or solo. I had very strong feelings! Thank you very much Marina Cedro.»


«I really liked it and I had the feeling I was at a spanish class in Madrid. I adored this workshop : it was magic!»


«It was excellent, it showed me who I was.»


«During the excercise I thought I was a bird, it made me think to Kengah the seagull and I felt freedom in me. It was very good, it cleared me out!»


«I was free to dance as I pleased and I was captivated by the music. i felt joy and tenderness.»


«I felt I could do anything with my body and I loved it!»


«I felt joy when we danced, relaxation when we played the bird, anger when we played the mad horse and sadness at the end. It was so cool!»


«When I touched the hands of the people of group I felt my freedom and the freedom of my body. I also felt love. When we danced, I had the feeling I could do what I wanted, when I wanted to, I let myself go. I loved this workshop with Marina Cedro !!!»



Atelier Poedanza, Ecole de la Genette CM2, La Rochelle, France, 2013